Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Ashburn Proxies?

Ashburn Proxies provides incredibly fast datacenter proxies that ensure you cook the next release. Our team is here 24/7 to help out all our customers. We monitor our servers to ensure there is no downtime ever for any of our customers.

Can I Farm Captchas With Ashburn Proxies?

Captcha Farming is strictly prohibited. We do not allow our proxies to be used for any captcha tools. If we find out the proxies have been used for captcha farming we will disable your proxies and no refund will be issued.

When Will My Proxies Be Delivered?

Proxies will be delivered instantly into your dashboard.

What Sites Do We Support?

We only guarantee Datacenter proxies to work for Shopify (without antibot protection on).

Are Your Proxies Datacenter Or Residential?

Our proxies are currently datacenter but our residential plan is coming out soon.

What Kind Of Authentication Will My Proxies Be?

Your proxies will be IP authenticated via your personal dashboard.